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Imagine you are pulling into your driveway after work. Your home is dark, your hands are full. From your car you press a button and your home lights up inside providing a hands free path of light to safely enter your home. Imagine you are getting ready for guests to arrive for a party, and instead of going around the hose turning all of the lights on, with the press of a button all of the lights go on to a desired preset. Imagine at the end of the day you are ready to settle down and relax. With the press of a button all of the lights turn off and mood lighting turns on to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere. Automated lighting has become a popular home system.

Automated lighting will not only make your life simpler, it will save energy and make your home a safer place to live. A dimmer set at 50% will almost triple the life of a common light bulb. With automated lighting, you can turn off all of the lights from bedside with the press of a button. You can control and monitor the lights in a child's bedroom. Connected to an alarm system, you can have all of your lights go on and have the outside lights flash to alert neighbors and authorities. When on vacation, you can have preset or random times for lights to turn on and off to give the appearance of someone being home. Lights are the most used accessory in your home, so why not maximize it's potential by adding ease of use, energy savings, and the added security it brings. Lighting systems can be integrated with automation systems to bring you even more control of your home. Digital Solutions will carefully design a lighting system to work with your existing lights, and program the system to work with your lifestyle.