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When the lights dim, the projector lights up, and the speakers begin to rumble, the worries of the day quickly fade away. Think about everything that you love about the movies, the big screen, the high quality sound, and the bright big picture. Building a dedicated home theater or media room will create a relaxing and entertaining environment that your family and friends can escape to and enjoy.

A theater can take on many shapes and sizes. A dedicated home theater is usually a dedicated room with insulated walls, completely closed off from the rest of the house and may use other sound deadening materials inside. For those who don't have the dedicated room for just movies, Digital Solutions can create a hidden/retractable system to that coexist with the rooms decor and architecture. Digital Solutions has all of the right equipment for whatever you want your theater to be. But a well designed home theater is more than just choosing the right equipment. We focus on important aspects such as proper lighting, acoustics, seating, and control. All of these items play an important role when designing a theater. Depending on the environment, installing motorized blackout shades, acoustical treatments and automated lighting will maximize your theater experience and and give you the best possible picture and sound.

From the latest and greatest 3D system to a basic surround sound system, whatever your needs or budget, Digital Solutions will come up with a solutions that will give you enjoyment for many years to come.