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Imagine turning to your favorite radio station, streaming music from your iPod, or accessing Pandora by the touch of a button on a keypad located on your kitchen wall, and instantly the music is distributed throughout your home through hidden in-ceiling speakers. Imagine never having to change discs or wait for CD's to load. From that same touchscreen you can check the video cameras of the backyard, and keep an eye on the kids. Distributed audio and video will allow you to conveniently play the same, or different sources throughout your home with simplicity. Scroll through your music library to choose a certain song or artist, access your Pandora account or play songs from your IPod docked in an in wall charging dock, all from an in wall touchscreen, tablet, phone or PC. With a distributed video system, sources like cable boxes, BluRay players, Media Servers, CCCTV video can all be shared on any TV in the house, all with the click of a button. With a movie server installed, browse through cover art of your favorite movie and skip through all of the previews.

We will evaluate the way you use each room and design your system accordingly. For example some areas such as a bathroom may only require smaller speakers and a smaller in wall controller, while a family room or master bedroom may require a slightly larger in-ceiling speaker and a touch screen that also controls lighting, security, climate, and other systems of your home. While each Digital Solutions audio/video system is as unique as the client, every one is designed to be reliable, easy to use, and is also designed to be easily expanded or upgraded for future technologies.